Living Cafe in Richmond, BC (Steveston Village) 



Meet The Family

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Kevin & Amanda Kroetsch (father and daughter team) both have a very personal relationship to food allergies and preferences.  As a result, The Living Cafe is both Gluten-Free & Peanut Free and offers a variety of Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian and Cave Man (Paleo) cuisine.


After suffering with severe symptoms and constant illness for over 14 years, Amanda's mystery was finally solved and she was diagnosed with Celiac.  The past 4 years have been for her both trecherous and miraculous with the final result being a complete return to vibrant health.

This cafe is for her an opportunity to assist others in regaining an/or maintaining vibrant health through access to delicious, wholesome, nutrient dense foods.  She selfishly admits that a strong desire to create the Living Cafe came out of her longing to have a place to dine with family and friends without the fear of getting sick and the embaressement of being the odd one out.  She hopes that the Living Cafe will become a place where you and your family will dine together and reconnect with eachother without the sepertaing tendencies of food allergies and preferences getting in the way.